10 Reasons to Use Rhino Horn

Wellbeing – Refreshment

The most common reason to use Rhino Horn is the effect of getting mental lightness, refreshment, and wellbeing. Everybody knows that taking a shower is not always done because you want to remove dirt from your body. Rather you like the feeling of getting refreshed, feeling alert and ready to meet your day’s challenges. An inner shower of your nasal cavity gives the same feeling of being more alert, present and awake. For many people, the use of Rhino Horn is a good and refreshing start to the day.

10 Kinds of Situations Where You Might Benefit From Using Rhino Horn:

1 More About Rhino Horn and Having a Cold
Rhino Horn Helps You When You Have a Cold

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2 More About Rhino Horn and Sinusitis
Rhino Horn Helps You if You Suffer fromSinusitis

See further on the special page about sinusitis.

3 Rhino Horn and Allergy
Rhino Horn and Allergy

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4 Rhino Horn After Nasal Surgery
Using Rhino Horn After a Nasal Operation

A nasal surgical procedure leaves a wound in your nose. It is important to keep this clean and to avoid itching scabs. ENT surgeons, therefore, are among the keenest advocates for the postoperative use of Rhino Horn. Rhino Horn is a must after nasal surgery.

5 Rhino Horn and Pollution
Rhino Horn and Pollution

Some people work in a very dusty environment or an environment with a lot of other pollution in the air. For those, a nasal cleansing with Rhino Horn after work will give a better breathing and a better general feeling of wellbeing. Not only will the use of Rhino Horn clean the nasal passages, but it also will stimulate the cilia in the bronchial passages and the lungs so that particles there will be removed more efficiently.

Many people live in polluted air in big cities. They would benefit a lot from regular use of Rhino Horn.

6 Rhino Horn and Snoring
Rhino Horn and Snoring

We often hear that snoring may be reduced / stopped by the use of Rhino Horn. If the snorer uses Rhino Horn just before going to bed, snoring will be less disturbing for the partner. The British Snoring and Sleep Apnea Association is recommending Rhino Horn to its members.

7 Rhino Horn and Pregnancy
Rhino Horn and Pregnancy

During pregnancy hormone changes in the pregnant woman’s body cause the mucous membranes to get swollen easier than in a normal situation. Breathing difficulty is the result. The warm saline solution you use with Rhino Horn has a “relaxing” effect on this swollenness. The pregnant woman thus gets relieved from this quite annoying problem.

Interesting information here may be that all the mucous membranes of your body are one coherent system. The use of Rhino Horn affects the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity, but it also affects the mucous membranes of the bronchi and lungs. What may be surprising is that it also affects the mucous membranes of the intestines and the reproductive organs.

8 Rhino Horn and Middle Ear Inflammation
Rhino Horn and Middle Ear Inflammation

If you (or your child) suffers from frequent middle ear inflammation, Rhino Horn is a very helpful device. French paediatrics have told us that they see fewer incidents of middle ear inflammation in children using the Rhino Horn than in other children. This experience was their reason to encourage us to develop a children’s model of Rhino Horn, Rhino Horn Junior.

The mucous membranes in the nose, the pharynx, the lungs and the ears are interconnected. Between the back of the mouth and the middle ear is a canal meant to balance the changing pressure on the inside and the outside of the eardrum. If your mucous membranes get swollen, this canal may be blogged. This situation very often is the basis for evolving a middle ear inflammation. By using Rhino Horn to avoid the swollenness or get the swollenness down, you may avoid a middle ear inflammation.

9 Rhino Horn and Cystic Fibrosis and Other Severe Breathing Diseases
Rhino Horn and Cystic Fibrosis and Other Severe Breathing Diseases

Medical doctors at lung departments in France and Sweden have told us that the use of Rhino Horn is very helpful to patients suffering from cystic fibrosis and other severe breathing diseases. Cleaning the nasal passages with warm saline water also affects the mucous membranes in the lungs. One effect is that the cilia, the small hairs on the sides of the mucous membranes, are stimulated to do their swaying movements. These movements will help bring mucus up from the lungs.

10 Rhino Horn and Yoga
Rhino Horn and Yoga

Nasal irrigation is known in the Yoga tradition as Neti. Neti is part of the cleansing procedures called Shat Karma (“six actions”) which also involves tooth brushing, tongue cleansing and many other techniques. Today the most common form of Neti is with salt water, called Jala Neti. Another form of Neti is Sutra Neti using the cotton thread.

The yogic perspective why nasal cleansing is considered useful for yoga practitioners is two-fold: One reason to recommend Neti is that it results in open nasal passages making the air flow freely through the nose. This openness is, of course, useful for anybody, but it is especially beneficial if you are doing yogic breathing exercises or meditation. Another reason for recommending Neti is the relaxing effect the user may feel in the forehead and the head. You feel generally refreshed and clear-headed.

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The Rhino Horn is easy to use, but we do advise you to read the instruction pamphlet before beginning.

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