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Rhino Horn and Allergy

Allergy in the upper airways is a reaction which occurs when the immune system overreacts to allergens in the air, i.e. allergens in particles of dust or pollen. When dust or pollen enters the mucous membranes of the breathing channels, they react in different unpleasant ways. You may get an inflammation in the mucous membranes with a clogged nose, i.e. swollen mucous membranes with excessive production of mucus, you may get running and sore eyes, a headache, get tired and feel a lack of energy.

The Benefit that Rhino Horn may Offer

The benefit that the use of Rhino Horn may offer is an alleviation of unpleasant symptoms. Nasal cleansing with Rhino Horn will remove the particles from your nasal passages and larynx and thus reduce the reaction that these particles may cause. You may get a freer breathing and feel more energised.

Listen to what an enthusiastic medical doctor from Norway says about Rhino Horn
Listen to what an enthusiastic medical doctor from Norway says about Rhino Horn

“Let me begin by expressing my gratitude. I have been rinsing my nose once a day (on average) with the same blue Rhino Horn that I bought in 1999, and it keeps my hayfever symptoms down more than without using the Rhino Horn. I have tried shorter periods without but soon started using it again. As a GP I have recommended your Rhino Horn to many patients through the years.
I have seen other Neti pots of poorer quality. I always recommend my patients to buy your Rhino Horn.”
Medical Doctor from Fredrikstad, a town in the South Eastern part of Norway – March 2018.

One Rhino Spoon of salt…

Sneezing a Lot During Spring and Summer?

The pollen season may be tough to encounter if you have an allergy to pollen.

Water of Body Temperature...

Pollen Allergy Means Beathing Problems Every Day

Pollen allergy means reduced ability to live the life you want.

Gravity is the only active part…

Nasal Cleansing with Rhino Horn

Removing the pollen is easy to do with Rhino Horn.

Drying the nose after Rhino Horn nose cleansing

An Effective Alleviation of Symptoms

The nose and nasal cavity is emptied of all allergens – at least for some time.

Use Rhino Horn Several Times a Day

During the pollen season (the season with the pollen you react to) you simply use the Rhino Horn several times a day and, in this way, stay clear of the pollen causing you a nuisance.

People with pollen or dust allergy report great benefits from using Rhino Horn frequently during the pollen season. That is why many ENT doctors recommend people with allergy to airborne allergens to use Rhino Horn.

Rhino Horn Red and Blue

The Rhino Horn is easy to use, but we do advise you to read the instruction pamphlet before beginning.

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