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The medical community in many countries has responded with great enthusiasm to our Rhino Horn. The result is that medical doctors and Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists recommend Rhino Horn to their patients.

In the Doctors’ Words:

«This method of rinsing the nose with lukewarm saltwater is an easy and gentle way of removing crusts and foreign particles from the nasal passages. It’s simple to do and has no harmful side effects. It has proved to be highly effective in the prevention and treatment of sinusitis, and is also a useful component in the treatment of chronic sinusitis. Those suffering from pollen and dust allergies may in many cases reduce their symptoms by practising nasal cleansing.»

Available in marine blue and ruby red

A Czech Customer Tells About his Experience With Rhino Horn:
A Customer From the Czech Republic Tells About his Experience With Rhino Horn:

“Dear all,

I’d like to thank you for this fantastic thing. I used to have problems with blocked nasal cavities for years. It was no exception that it ended with inflammation and antibiotics. In some periods I was in fact addicted to nasal sprays to even somehow breath through the nose.
Since I found your Rhino Horn, my life became much better. Prophylactic use made my problems minimal, and even in this most dangerous season, it solves 99% of my problem. I did not have to use a nasal spray for more than a year. No medication, no ATB. Simple, natural, perfect.

Best regards,
Tony Petras”

A Senior Consultant at a University Hospital in Sweden declares:
A Senior Consultant at a University Hospital in Sweden declares:

«I (and others with me) think that your device for nasal irrigation (Rhino Horn) is the best. It is adequate in size, easy to use, and easy to clean.»
Senior Consultant at the Ear, Nose and Throat Department at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden


A French Song Teacher Recommends Rhino Horn at Her Blog
A French Song Teacher Recommends Rhino Horn at Her Blog

This quotation is an extraction from the song teacher Diane Douet’s blog translated from French (see the whole article at

“Presentation of Rhino Horn

This month, I would like to introduce you to a sanitary object that I like very much and that you too may find very useful this winter: the Rhino Horn.

Why Did I Look for This Type of Product?

Colds, allergies, pollution that clogs the sinuses, you know?

A stuffy nose is a common annoyance, and this discomfort is all the more important for singers: difficulty in inhaling air, resonance with too strong nasal sounds, unpleasant feeling of pressure in the sinuses …

Generally speaking, in the case of a small cold or moderate discomfort on a daily basis, medications are not necessary. I was, therefore, looking for a more gentle solution to improve my respiratory comfort … and that of my students!

Like many people, I have long used saltwater sprays for the nose, but my impression was mixed: the discomfort came back quickly, the post-nasal flow in the throat was not very pleasant, and I was bothered by having to throw away the bottle when it was empty. In conclusion, it was a lot of waste for an often negligible relief.

My Experience With Rhino Horn

I discovered the Rhino Horn on the advice of an ENT doctor. Even if the sensation may confuse the first time, you get used to it quickly. The efficiency is, in my opinion, much better than the saline water sprays. It has a real “flushing” effect that facilitates the evacuation of the mucus in the whole nasal area (because the water passes through both nostrils and the sinuses). The use of Rhino Horn gives a more lasting relief, and I soon appreciated the sensation of freshness in the nose after use.

I also appreciate the simple but ingenious aspect of Rhino Horn. I have been using  it for over a year when the need arises, and I have already recommended the Rhino Horn to many of my students.”

The article continues with an interview with our French distributor of Rhino Horn about the background for the product and the quality specifications of it.

Listen to what an enthusiastic medical doctor from Norway says about Rhino Horn
Listen to what an enthusiastic medical doctor from Norway says about Rhino Horn

“Let me begin by expressing my gratitude. I have been rinsing my nose once a day (on average) with the same blue Rhino Horn that I bought in 1999, and it keeps my hayfever symptoms down more than without using the Rhino Horn. I have tried shorter periods without but soon started using it again. As a GP I have recommended your Rhino Horn to many patients through the years.
I have seen other Neti pots of poorer quality. I always recommend my patients to buy your Rhino Horn.”
Medical Doctor from Fredrikstad, a town in the South Eastern part of Norway – March 2018.

Why is Rhino Horn a Good Neti Pot?
Why is Rhino Horn a Good Neti Pot?

♦    It is an ergonomically well-designed neti pot – it fits well into the nose, it sits well in your hand.

♦    It is a beautiful design – not clumsy, not vulgar.

♦    The open inside design creates a good natural pressure from gravity.

♦    It is simple to use: your ordinary table salt and water of body temperature – no expensive and unnecessary salt packages.

♦    It is equipped with a specially designed measuring spoon for the correct application of salt. The saline solution should be isotonic, i.e. containing 0.9 % salt (NaCl) for natural and gentle effect on the mucous membranes.

♦    It is a documented safe neti pot made of a well-tested material (pure polyethylene high density, PEHD) – no toxic elements, no harmful chemicals. Analyzed with REACH 168 test, an EU test for 168 dangerous chemicals. No phthalates, no Bisphenol A, no trace of any of the dangerous chemicals.

♦    It is being produced under the ISO 13485:2003 certificate, a very strict quality production certificate especially designed for medical devices.

♦    It is being recommended by a huge number of ENT doctors, ENT departments at hospitals and GP doctors in the Nordic countries, the Benelux countries, France, the Czech Republic and many other countries.

♦    It is big enough for normal use in both nostrils and small enough for separate use in each nostril in special situations.

♦    It is easy to carry – easy to bring with you while travelling.

It’s Easy – and it Helps!

One Rhino Spoon of salt…

1 One Rhino Spoon of Salt…

Saltwater is the natural and gentle solution for the mucous membranes. Safe to use; no chemicals added, no side effects.

Water of Body Temperature...

2 ... lukewarm water...

Fill the Rhino Horn with body temperature water. The right saline solution will make the use of Rhino Horn pleasant and refreshing.

Gravity is the only active part…

3 ...Nasal Cleansing...

Rinses the nasal passages, relaxes the mucous membranes, sharpens the senses. The water runs through the nostrils by itself by the help of gravity only.

Drying the nose after Rhino Horn nose cleansing

4 ... and Drying

The nose is emptied of any remaining water. Result: open nose, free breathing; mucus, pollen and dust rinsed away.
– It feels good!

Folk Tradition and Medical Science

For ages, nasal cleansing has been part of folk medicine in many areas of the world, and it is also a recognised natural medical treatment. Many ENT doctors recommend Rhino Horn for their patients.

Fishermen all over the world have been rinsing their nasal passages with salt water for generations. In some African tribes, nasal cleansing is referred to as a «purifier of thoughts», i.e. clearing the head. In the Yoga tradition, nasal cleansing is known as Neti.

The main reason for Rhino Horn’s success is the huge support of the medical society. Rhino Horn is simple to use, effective, with no side effects and an affordable device to be used for many years with no extra cost.

Agreeable to Use Rhino Horn

The isotonic salt water of body temperature is very agreeable, refreshing and mild in your nose. Soon you will love the fresh and clean feeling after using Rhino Horn.

Why Use Rhino Horn

The use of Rhino Horn is alleviating ordinary nuisances of a clogged nose, e.g. from having a cold. Mucus is removed and the swollenness of the mucous membranes is relaxed.

Rhino Horn is likely to become a good friend for people suffering from asthma or respiratory allergy of pollen or dust. The use of Rhino Horn is an effective treatment of occasional sinusitis and even an important assistant at chronic sinusitis. Nasal saline irrigation is mandatory after nasal surgery.

Many snorers report a reduction of snoring after having used Rhino Horn before bedtime. Pregnant women easily get swollen mucous membranes because of hormonal changes. They too are helped by the use of Rhino Horn.

Even severe respiratory illnesses like cystic fibrosis, COPD or ciliary dyskinesia are known to be much alleviated by the use of Rhino Horn.

Most people like taking a shower simply because it gives a nice refreshed feeling of wakefulness and alertness. An inner shower with Rhino Horn has a somewhat similar effect.

Rhino Horn Red and Blue

A Safe Product

Rhino Horn is designed by Per Peo Olsen, the co-founder of Yogaprosess AS. It is easy to hold in your hand, gentle and nice in your nose and designed to make a good natural pressure from gravity to make the water run freely through your nose.

Rhino Horn is made of pure polyethylene high-density (PEHD), an environment-friendly and recyclable plastic product. Rhino Horn is manufactured under ISO 13485:2003 which is an international quality certification for the production of medical devices.

All elements of Rhino Horn has been tested according to EU’s program for detecting and registering dangerous chemical substances, REACH 168. There is no trace of any of the 168 chemical substances in Rhino Horn (SVHC: Substances of Very High Concern).

Rhino Horn is CE marked as a class I medical device according to EU Directive 93/42/EEC. The Norwegian Health department has issued a Free Sales Certificate for both Rhino Horn and for Rhino Horn Junior.

The Rhino Horn is easy to use, but we do advise you to read the instruction pamphlet before beginning.

Rhino Horn Symbol

The Rhino Horn is designed, produced and distributed by

Yogaprosess AS

P. O. Box 2599 Solli
N-0203 Oslo • Norway
Phone +47 905 15 558

Made of recyclable and environment-friendly hard plastic (PEHD)

Totally free from any harmful chemical – has passed the REACH 168 test
No Cadmium – No Bisphenol A – No phthalates