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User Reviews

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Rhino Horn was designed during the 1990’s. We had been offering nasal irrigators in ceramics to pharmacies in the Oslo area for about ten years with an increasing, but still quite moderat numbers. Logistics are difficult with ceramics, and therefore we developed a design fitted for production in plastic material. We learned what the production limitations were and wanted a nice and an appealing design. We came up with the horn design and were encouraged to find a striking name for the product. We ended up with “Nesehorn” which is rhinoceros in Norwegian. After an immediate success with sale through pharmacies in Norway and a lot of support from medical doctors we soon started to expand with distributors abroad. To that end we internationalised the product name to Rhino Horn. We are now in many countries in Europe (we still miss some) and in the USA. We have sold more than two million Rhino Horn over the years, and sales are increasing every year. We have only heard positive feedback from a lot of customers, and would like to share some of them here for you.

If you feel inspired to send your feedback, positive or negative, we would very much appreciate to hear from you. You may send us your feedback via email We may add your feedback here on this page, and if you prefer to stay anonimous, just say so.

You may find medical doctors’ recommendations here.

A Customer From the Czech Republic
A Customer From the Czech Republic Tells About his Experience With Rhino Horn:

“Dear all,

I’d like to thank you for this fantastic thing. I used to have problems with blocked nasal cavities for years. It was no exception that it ended with inflammation and antibiotics. In some periods I was in fact addicted to nasal sprays to even somehow breath through the nose.
Since I found your Rhino Horn, my life became much better. Prophylactic use made my problems minimal, and even in this most dangerous season, it solves 99% of my problem. I did not have to use a nasal spray for more than a year. No medication, no ATB. Simple, natural, perfect.

Best regards,
Tony Petras”

A French Song Teacher
A French Song Teacher Recommends Rhino Horn at Her Blog

This quotation is an extraction from the song teacher Diane Douet’s blog translated from French (see the whole article at

“Presentation of Rhino Horn

This month, I would like to introduce you to a sanitary object that I like very much and that you too may find very useful this winter: the Rhino Horn.

Why Did I Look for This Type of Product?

Colds, allergies, pollution that clogs the sinuses, you know?

A stuffy nose is a common annoyance, and this discomfort is all the more important for singers: difficulty in inhaling air, resonance with too strong nasal sounds, unpleasant feeling of pressure in the sinuses …

Generally speaking, in the case of a small cold or moderate discomfort on a daily basis, medications are not necessary. I was, therefore, looking for a more gentle solution to improve my respiratory comfort … and that of my students!

Like many people, I have long used saltwater sprays for the nose, but my impression was mixed: the discomfort came back quickly, the post-nasal flow in the throat was not very pleasant, and I was bothered by having to throw away the bottle when it was empty. In conclusion, it was a lot of waste for an often negligible relief.

My Experience With Rhino Horn

I discovered the Rhino Horn on the advice of an ENT doctor. Even if the sensation may confuse the first time, you get used to it quickly. The efficiency is, in my opinion, much better than the saline water sprays. It has a real “flushing” effect that facilitates the evacuation of the mucus in the whole nasal area (because the water passes through both nostrils and the sinuses). The use of Rhino Horn gives a more lasting relief, and I soon appreciated the sensation of freshness in the nose after use.

I also appreciate the simple but ingenious aspect of Rhino Horn. I have been using  it for over a year when the need arises, and I have already recommended the Rhino Horn to many of my students.”

The article continues with an interview with our French distributor of Rhino Horn about the background for the product and the quality specifications of it.”

Jeanette Venla Hansen from Denmark
Jeanette Venla Hansen, 39 years, Denmark:

“After having suffered from sinusitis for three years I was recommended by a friend to use the Rhino Horn. It was a fantastic experience to feel my headache lighten up, or remove it completely when I used my Rhino Horn as a preventive method.

I had now found a solution, which was not harmful to my mucus membranes in the way many nasal sprays are. This was washing my mucus membranes in a very natural way with ordinary salt water. I was relieved of my headache immidiately, and I have never experience to get that much mucus out of my nose.

Before buying a Rhino Horn I often had to blow my nose in a very hard way. The result was a worse headache. Now, by using my Rhino Horn I really get everything cleansed out in a very gentle way

I am no longer suffering from sinusitis. I still use my Rhino Horn frequently when I have a cold – and if I get a headache. Besides, it is always a pleasure to use my Rhino Horn – it feels good, cleansing and refreshing!”

Thor Iversen from Denmark
Thor Iversen, 28 years, Denmark:

“After an extensive operation in my mouth I had severe breathing difficulties for many days. My throat was swollen and I had a lot of congealed blood. I could not sleep, rest or recover at all. After having been introduced to Rhino Horn the relief in all my system came after using it just a few times. My nose and throat was cleared and once again I was able to sleep and rest in order to recover fully after my operation.”

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