What Do Doctors Say About Rhino Horn?

What Do Doctors Say About Rhino Horn?

The medical community in many countries has responded with great enthusiasm to our Rhino Horn. The result is that medical doctors and Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists recommend Rhino Horn to their patients. When we introduced Rhino Horn to the Norwegian medical society in 1999, more than 50% of the ENT doctors and 35% of the GPs wanted a sample and patient brochures. The same thing happened in Finland, Denmark, Holland, France and the Czech Republic.

Doctors Willingly Approved the Following Statement:

«This method of rinsing the nose with lukewarm saltwater is an easy and gentle way of removing crusts and foreign particles from the nasal passages. It’s simple to do and has no harmful side effects. It has proved to be highly effective in the prevention and treatment of sinusitis, and is also a useful component in the treatment of chronic sinusitis. Those suffering from pollen and dust allergies may in many cases reduce their symptoms by practising nasal cleansing.»

You may find additional user recommendations here.

A Senior Consultant at a University Hospital in Sweden
A Senior Consultant at a University Hospital in Sweden

«I (and others with me) think that your device for nasal irrigation (Rhino Horn) is the best. It is adequate in size, easy to use, and easy to clean.»
Senior Consultant at the Ear, Nose and Throat Department at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden


An Enthusiastic Medical Doctor from Norway
Listen to what an enthusiastic medical doctor from Norway says about Rhino Horn

“Let me begin by expressing my gratitude. I have been rinsing my nose once a day (on average) with the same blue Rhino Horn that I bought in 1999, and it keeps my hayfever symptoms down more than without using the Rhino Horn. I have tried shorter periods without but soon started using it again. As a GP I have recommended your Rhino Horn to many patients through the years.
I have seen other Neti pots of poorer quality. I always recommend my patients to buy your Rhino Horn.”
Medical Doctor from Fredrikstad, a town in the South Eastern part of Norway – March 2018.

The ENT department at a University Hospital in Denmark
The ENT department at Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark

Since our patients are fond of your Rhino Horn, I would like to order several more information brochures about Rhino Horn. If you could send us 200 brochures, it would be wonderful. Thank you in advance. 
Yours, XX, Social and health assistent
ENT Operations / Ambulatory Department, Aalborg University Hospital”


Doctor van den Borne, ENT doctor, CWZ hospital Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Doctor van den Borne, ENT doctor, CWZ hospital Nijmegen, The Netherlands

“Rinsing the nose may sound a bit strange, but it is very easy and very effective. In people with a chronic sinus infection and after a nose (sinus) surgery, rinsing the nose is included as a standard treatment in the ENT treatment guidelines, but nose rinsing also works very well in allergies and even the common cold.” (Translated from Dutch into English).


Recommendation from Norwegian Health Authorities

The Norwegian Health Authorities recommend nasal irrigation as a way to treat sinusitis.
Link to the page in Norwegian: www.helsenorge.no

Translation of the recommendation:

Other treatment
Some will get relieved after inhaling steam to open clogged sinuses, but there is a risk of injury by the hot steam.
A different alternative is cleansing the nose with saltwater spray or nasal irrigation.

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